Aston Colley - Accredited Mindfulness Teacher / Practitioner and Yoga Teacher (BWY)

“After 30 years in the corporate world I found my life going in ever- decreasing circles. Everything was related to cash flow, tax returns, and legalities. Important aspects I know, but as time went on I found I was relating to them less and less. I was keen to find another direction in life to stay motivated, discover my truest purpose, and not get eaten alive by fear.”

Aston Colley is a professional mindfulness teacher, accredited Mindfulness Now practitioner and Yoga teacher (BWY). Working from a GP surgery and his own therapy centre he helps people with all kinds of issues (depression, stress, unwanted habits, fears, phobias, addictions – helping people make lasting change. He has a number of weekly Yoga classes in Worcestershire and runs weekly Mindfulness/Meditation group sessions. He works with companies to help reduce employee stress through the Mindfulness Now Corporate Programme.