Mindfulness Based Clinical Hypnosis Diploma (MBCH)

Trainer: Tony O’Shea Poon
Training weeks throughout 2024/5
Externally-accredited practitioner training in Mindfulness-Based hypno-psychotherapy, leading to a national qualification awarded by the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

No prior qualifications or entry requirements.Training take place live, interactive via Zoom, as well as in person in London.

Mindfulness Based Clinical Hypnosis (MBCH)

Integrated and accredited hypno-pschotherapy diploma

This training is unique in offering a mindfulness-based approach to clinical hypno-psychotherapy. Graduates are qualified to offer an integrated approach incorporating therapeutic mindfulness along with hypnotherapy and evidence-based psychotherapy.

We offer in-person and online training which is highly practical and experiential in nature. With two external accreditations, graduates are also eligible to obtain (subject to successful completion of assignments) the ‘gold standard’ HPD Diploma based on the UK Government’s National Occupational Standards, at level 4 – Foundation degree level.

Graduates are eligible to become members of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP).

Qualification Process
Unique, Flexible, Two Stage Qualification Process

​UKCMM uniquely has a two stage qualification process with the purpose of allowing students to enter professional practice under supervision after completing all the attendance requirements of the course as well as the case studies and question papers. Both stages can run concurrently for students who wish to qualify more quickly.

​Stage 1:

Firstly, students complete the attendance training online or in person – all four of the five day modules – see timetable.

​Each of the four modules has a brief question paper to complete, as well as an assignment in the form of a practical case study – working with a volunteer client and writing up a report.

​Once the practical training is completed and the case studies and question papers are completed and assessed, students are granted the Diploma In Mindfulness Based Clinical Hypnosis and are eligible to become licentiate members of APHP. They can also join The Mindfulness Teachers Register, as a professional teacher. They can commence professional practice, under supervision at this stage, if they wish.

​Stage 2:

All students are trained and prepared for the completion of the externally awarded, Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (HPD). Although we strongly encourage completion of this, it is entirely optional with a one-off registration and assessment fee of £195 (not payable until students decide they wish to complete stage 2). Students are often relieved that there is no formal written examination. Instead there is a portfolio of evidence containing a question paper which students complete in their own time, either while they are attending their practical training, or over an extended period of time (up to 2 years), if preferred.

​Students are requested to submit their portfolio question paper for assessment on three occasions. Once when they have completed about a third of it, once when it is two thirds completed and again when it is fully completed. The advantage of this is that the assessor is able to give the student supportive feedback on a number of occasions along the way to completion, all of which helps to lead to successful completion.

​After assessment and verification students completing the second stage are granted the HPD, regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ in hypnotherapy training. Please note that supervision and mentoring for all students, whether or not they complete stage 2, is available on an on-going indefinite basis after qualification.

For further information or to book on one of our courses please call The UK College on 0121 444 1110 or email us.