The Learning Pathway

Trainer: Nick Cooke
‘Train the Trainer’ – 2024/5
Certification, qualifying graduates to train others to teach mindfulness.

Mindfulness Now / UK College of Mindfulness Meditation

 The Learning Pathway – including ‘Train the Trainer’ – 2024/5

 The Learning Pathway (TLP) is an entirely optional developmental route for any mindfulness teacher who has already qualified on the Mindfulness Now teacher training programme. TLP is offered, once a year only, to a very limited number of graduates. It commences in April and is completed over a period of up to twelve months. Like the initial teacher training, the pathway is mainly experiential in nature providing the full Mindfulness Now 8 weeks programme, as well as extended, supervised training practice. It includes a ‘Train the Trainer’ certification, qualifying graduates to train others to teach mindfulness.

Compassion Focused Wellbeing Practitioner (CFW)

The Learning Pathway also prepares participants by training and subsequent qualification in the new Compassion Focused Wellbeing programme which includes approaches to teaching compassion focused therapy, as well as coaching and mentoring. The course is being run online via Zoom on Monday 7th to Friday 11th October 2024.

Further Opportunities

A limited opportunity may also exist for graduates of the pathway to train the Mindfulness Now programme in certain areas, throughout Europe and beyond, either on an employed or self-employed, licenced basis. The 2024/5 Learning Pathway is even more flexible to meet individual’s needs, meaning that attendance can be planned on courses/dates that suit you throughout the year, rather than you having to fit into preordained dates.

The 2024/5 Learning Pathway contains:

  • Mindfulness trainer training
  • Supervised attendance on the official 8 weeks Mindfulness Now teaching programme
  • Attendance / study on at least two Mindfulness Now CPD programmes during the course of the Learning Pathway
  • Practice / revision of the Mindfulness Now teacher training programme
  • Attendance and qualification in the Compassion Focused Wellbeing (CFW) programme
  • A further exploration of ‘inquiry’ in the teaching process
  • Developing our deeper ‘presence’ in embodying mindfulness teaching
  • Supervised training practice on two of the 5-day training courses
  • Supervised teaching practice on at least two, informal mindfulness classes
  • Trainer / tutor teaching evaluation and feedback
  • Three post-training online tutorials
  • Indefinite, ongoing help and support
  • Certification and accreditation as an Advanced Mindfulness Teacher / Trainer
  • The option of attending all three (5 day) modules of the additional Mindfulness Based Clinical Hypnosis (MBCH) programme taught online, interactive via Zoom
  • The option of preparation for the Hypnotherapy in Practice (HPD) ‘gold standard’ diploma qualification
  • Training takes place over a twelve month period

The college wishes to make it clear that TLP is a developmental course, which includes the option of gaining the highly valued hypno-psychotherapy qualification and to formally extend your learning and train others to teach mindfulness.

 Students who have competed their initial Mindfulness Now teacher training are already qualified to teach mindfulness.

Please continue to read the following information including prices for 2024/5:

TLP is, for practical reasons, only open to a very small number of participants each year. The content and structure is continually developing and expanding.

Option 1: £2,600. (payment may be spread over 10 months). This is the fully inclusive fee for enrolment for training starting in 2024/5. The fee includes the ‘Train the Trainer’ programme, The ‘Compassion Focused Wellbeing (CFW) programme, and  attendance on your choice (for flexibility) of two CPD courses from the Learning Pathway 2024/5 programme. The full list will be published in February 2024.


Option 2: £4,900. (payment may be spread over 10 months) As per Option 1 with the additional inclusion of the three MBCH hypno-psychotherapy modules. All taught online via Zoom or with an option of in-person attendance in central London.

How can I learn more, or take this further:

 Email or phone Nick on +44 (0) 7811 640897



For further information or to book on one of our courses please call The UK College on 0121 444 1110 or email us.