Back to in-person training 2021

As we head cautiously out of Covid restrictions here in England, Mindfulness Now too heads cautiously back to a mixture of in-person training as well as continuing with some online courses.

We’re currently running our first at Cumnor Old School in Oxford and then the next is at Tawstock Court in Barnstaple, Devon during the week of 13th-17th September 2021. We’re really looking forward to delivering our programme with real people again!


We’ll then be offering some courses live, online via Zoom and some at beautiful venues in-person. Locations including the Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens, the Midlands Arts Centre in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, and the Terapia Centre, set within the historic Stephens House and Gardens in London.


Our training programme for the remainder of 2021 is:


W/C 16th August 2021 (online)

W/C 13th September (in person – Tawstock Court, Barnstaple, Devon)

W/C 20th September 2021 (online)

W/C 27th September 2021 (in person – Edinburgh)

W/C 4th October 2021 (online)

W/C 25th October 2021 (in person – London)

W/C 15th November 2021 (in person – Birmingham)


Weekend-based online training 18th and 19th September, 16th and 17th October, and 14th November 2021


Please see our homepage for further details.