Mindfulness Teacher Training, Oxford University, August 2023

Course Information

The Mindfulness Meditation teacher training course (in a 5 day, Monday to Friday format) is available at a cost of £850, which is inclusive of all training materials, assessment, certification and accreditation as a Mindfulness Now teacher.
After completion of the course,(which includes subsequent assignment) successful graduates are offered the opportunity to join the network of Mindfulness Now licensed and accredited teachers.

To book a place on the course call 01386 870893


Course status:
Spaces Available


St John’s College,
Oxford University,
St Giles’,

I found the mix and balance between formal presentation, role play and personal practice excellent. Group discussion was also beneficial. The retreat day was lovely surprise that I found helpful both on a personal + professional basis

Diana Titterton, Cumnor Oxford  Course

Want to book a place? It’s easy! Call us on 0121 444 1110 or email info@mindfulnessnow.org.uk

Or contact the Oxford  Course Director  Aston Colley on 01386 870893 or email  aston@mindfulnessnowoxford.org.uk