Advanced Trauma Informed Practitioner Certification

Saturday 7th September 2024
Trainers: Rachel McKenna and Madeleine Agnew
10.00 – 16.30

Advanced Trauma Informed Practitioner Certification


The advanced trauma informed practitioner one day training course has been developed with mindfulness teachers in mind but would be equally valuable for any talking therapists, yoga teacher or indeed anyone working and practicing in a teaching, caring or healthcare role.

A direct quote from Nick Cooke Mindfulness Now course creator – “When I first developed the Mindfulness Now Programme at my clinic in Birmingham back in 2008, I soon recognised the need to steer people towards a mindful practise that creates healing and away from potential re-traumatising. Being a trauma survivor myself, I was well aware of the need to be highly cautious and sensitive when it came to mindful teaching and practicing”.

Our advanced training course delves even deeper into recognising and understanding trauma and learning how we as practitioners can respond in a  skilful way. Our overall aim is to help prevent re-traumatisation as best we can within our work as teachers and therapists.

We don’t want to create any fear around trauma but instead leave practitioners confident that they can successfully help participants and clients to better cope with  traumatic stress within their personal mindfulness practise and to steer them towards a place that ultimately feel safer for them.

To be clear, this course is not meant as a ‘trauma healing course’, instead this course has been developed to provide practical resources to help practitioners to effectively teach in the safest way possible and to ultimately empower whomever they work with.

This CPD is being delivered by experienced trauma informed practitioners and mindfulness teacher trainer’s Rachel Mckenna and Madeleine Agnew.

For further information or to book on one of our courses please call The UK College on 0121 444 1110 or email us.