Expectations, Embodiment and Enquiry

Saturday 1st June 2024 
Trainer:Rachel Broomfield   
10.00 – 17.00

Expectations, Embodiment and Enquiry

‘Bringing the Being back into Doing’!

A deeper dive into three vital areas of mindfulness practice and teaching. This day, aimed at both therapists and mindfulness teachers, will consist of discussion and practice time that will help to deepen your level of understanding and expertise when ‘responding’ to expectations (whether your own or the people you’re working with) and to whatever goes on within your therapy sessions or teaching groups.

Through learning and experiencing more about embodiment and enquiry, you will develop a more compassionate approach and have deepened your awareness of how to take care of yourself and those you’re helping.

•       Focus on the two meanings of embodiment
•       Focus on the attitudes of mindfulness for teaching and during therapy
•       Enquiry – Asking the right questions of ourselves and others and knowing how and if to respond


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