Mindful Eating for Weight Management

Saturday 23rd November 2024
Trainer: Tony O’Shea-Poon
10.00 – 17.00

This popular continuing professional development learning day for mindfulness teachers and therapists will take place online using Zoom.

This CPD day includes a 40+ page booklet about Mindful Eating, written by Tony.

Completion of this day will award you 6 hours towards your annual CPD learning requirement.

The causes of being overweight or underweight are often multi-faceted and complex, but with the right kind of support and skills training, many people can transform their relationship with their body and with the food they consume, leading to greater happiness and health.

This CPD day is based on Tony’s successful Mindful Eating 6-Step Programme, which combines mindfulness, visualisation, coaching and movement to support people to take control of their weight. Tony will share information about the six steps, which include letting go of the past, believing in the future and learning to love yourself and your body. He will also share some of the mindfulness practices and visualisations developed specifically for this programme.

During the day, we will examine the eating cycle, which helps us to address key questions with our clients such as; why do they eat?, when do they eat?, what do they eat? and how do they eat?, and we will learn the six core skills of mindful eating that everyone can learn to cultivate joyful awareness while eating.

By the end of this day, you will have the knowledge and tools you need to develop your own mindful eating support or to incorporate it into the ways you already work with individuals or groups.

A schedule is provided below but we may not stick to it rigidly and will flex the day according to what is most of interest and value to participants.

We aim to finish no later than 4:45pm.

Mindful Eating 6-Step Programme - steps and therapies

Our CPD training is approved and certified by the UK College and the Mindfulness Teachers Association and Register.

The Schedule for the day is shown below. It is flexible and subject to change.

9:45                 Online room open for informal greetings

10:00               Welcome and context for the day

Pleasure and Pain – the joys and difficulties of eating

Experience: Meditation on forgiveness

Skills Practice: Noticing hunger (Tuning in before eating)

11:20               Break

11:40               The Mindful Eating Cycle

Creating non-striving, non-outcome oriented, goals with your clients

Experience: Meditation on Self-Loving Kindness

12:45               Break (to collect lunch)

13:00               Skills Practice: Eating lunch together (Paying Full Attention, Looking Deeply, Slowing Down, Tuning in While Eating)

13:40               Break

14:00               Introduction to mindful movement for weight management

Experience: Gentle mindful movement

Group exercise: How to motivate your clients

15:10               Break

15:30               Experience: Imagining and rehearsing the future

Creating your Mindful Eating client offer (Includes sharing of the structure of the Mindful Eating 6-Step Programme)

Reflections, resources, questions

16:45               Close

For further information or to book on one of our courses please call The UK College on 0121 444 1110 or email us.