Act for Anxiety CPD 2024

Saturday 25th May 2024
Trainer: Nick Cooke
10.00 – 17.00

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with a key focus on assisting those with anxiety

This certificated practitioner course drills down into the specifics of working to help with anxiety and, whilst assuming no prior training in ACT, also forms a great reminder / update for those already trained. The energetic, workshop style training is great for mindfulness teachers, hypnotherapists, counsellors, NLP Practitioners and life coaches and is one of the ways that they can achieve their annual continuing professional development (CPD) requirement. ACT is a mindfulness based therapy and has a strong scientific evidence base. Originally it was constructed as an approach to individual therapy work that could be targeted for certain specific issues including depression, anxiety and stress, addictions and eating disorders.

One of its originators, Steve Hayes, describes ACT as an ‘oddly counterintuitive model of work’. It can be engaging and playful and teaches us skills to handle unwanted and painful thoughts and feelings in a way in which they have far less significance or negative affect. Mindfulness skills are brought into play here. It also helps us focus on, and clarify our values –  whatever is truly important to us, and then to utilise that knowledge to inspire us to set appropriate goals, engaging us to move forward and achieve a richer and more meaningful life.

Unlike most Western psychotherapy models, ACT does not aim to reduce unwanted symptoms, but takes a very different approach with the assumption that our quality of life is primarily dependent upon mindful, values / beliefs focused action. It also takes the view that, irrespective of the number of symptoms we have, or how serious those are, provided that we respond to them in a mindful way we will feel happier and better able to function. Unwanted symptoms do ‘miraculously’ tend to reduce, even though this is not the primary aim!

The course teaches the primary structure and protocols of ACT, including:

  • Six core principles – for psychological inflexibility – an ACT model of psychopathology
  • Six core principles – for psychological flexibility – core therapeutic processes of ACT
  • The work of ACT in relation to anxiety
  • Metaphors for creative ACT interventions for anxiety
  • A session by session approach for helping working on anxiety with ACT
  • Guide to integration with other therapeutic approaches
  • Dealing with challenges
  • Full session notes and certification provided

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This CPD is now fully booked

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